Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Birthday Girl.....

I celebrated my actual birthday on 1.11 but everyone that knows me know I celebrate my birthday for the entire month :-) I celebrated my actual birthday with my family in Orange, NJ because I also shared the same birthday with my cousin Carlyle.

On the Sunday after my birthday I had brunch with a few friends and some of my family members at this cute little restaurant in NYC "TipsyParson". I had the time of my life...Here are a few pixs of my outfit and my Gorgeous CAKE. I was in LOVE. Enjoy.

The night of our Birthday 1.11 (Nothing but death can keep us apart)

                                                                            What I wore

Dress: Zara
Bag: Talbots
Boots and Necklace: AdR Anna Dello Russo at H&M
Fur Vest: Fox fur (Vintage shop in Athens Greece)
Bracelet: Bebe

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  1. Your cake is everything!!! Love it! And welcome to the blog world! Im still a newbie my self! Lol


  2. absolutely fabulous! your hair is laid and that black dress fits you well!